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  1. Exercise more
  2. Save more money/ waste less money
  3. Travel more
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  1. If someone had my face as a transplant would they get the same eczema patches?
  2. If I die I hope someone uses my Costa points
If you don't do any of these things, congratulations! You are winning at life!
  1. You never get sick of hearing your own voice
  2. You walk too slow
  3. You walk too fast
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Turns out it isn't a very long list...
  1. When we get there - Josh Pyke (Black Balloon)
  2. One day - Jack Savoretti (Post Grad)
I want them all! (If it wasn't entirely unethical)
  1. Elephant
  2. Bear
  3. Lion
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  1. I hate the colour yellow
  2. My life goal is to own a goat
  3. I once wrote in to Blue Peter
  1. Any Culkin
  2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  3. John Candy
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