I'm fortunate that I get to travel for work. Here are some things I've been able to see.
  1. My first full day as a New Yorker
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  2. Jackson Square New Orleans. The statue of Robert E Lee has since been removed.
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  3. Lafitte's Blacksmith, sitting on the corner of Bourbon Street in NOLA, is the oldest bar in the country.
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  4. Aerial view of Mount St. Helens, shot during a connection from Seattle to Portland.
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  5. VooDoo Donuts, also know as that place I went to every day I was in Portland. Donut heaven.
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  6. I had to take a selfie at Jerry's World, AT&T Stadium in Dallas. Sadly, I couldn't connect with Tony Romo as I do not know him personally and have no connections.
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  7. I love zoos. This guy lives at the Dallas Zoo. He let me touch his head.
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  8. I'm cheating with this one because I was in Vermont on personal time, not business. I just love how green it is.
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  9. I immediately sought out the closest In-N-Out Burger upon arriving in San Francisco. Cheeseburgers and tacos are my weakness.
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  10. To hell with Madison County- this is a bridge worth the praise.
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  11. Outside of Fenway, my favorite baseball park sits overlooking the San Francisco Bay.
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  12. Having for a company with a sponsored sailing team has its perks. The Honorable William Wall is a floating clubhouse serving the Manhattan Yacht Club.
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  13. Hiking through Torrey Pines in San Diego. Not pictured: my horrible sun burn for spending a few days surfing
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  14. I take too many selfies. This one was snapped after hiking Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park in Atlanta.
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  15. The Varsity. I've been going since I was born, of course I need to go when I find myself in Athens.
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  16. I was able to visit my grandparents while in Georgia. That trip meant a lot to me.
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  17. Hanging out in the Bronx botanical gardens with my sister. Not a work trip. But that is a work shirt so deal with it.
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