Everyone knows them, I just have special names for them
  1. The ones that barrel past you on the right or left shoulder of the road then try to squeeze back into the lane when they reach an obstruction. #Asshat
    Not on my watch buddy!
  2. Those that didn't spend the money for turn signals. #CheapAsshats
    Apparently not all models come equipped with blinkers. Seems the higher price the car, the more likely this option will be skipped
  3. Drivers that think they're car is the size of a VW Bug when in fact it's a Tahoe packed with a soccer team.#FatAsshats
    Really? You think you're gonna fit there???
  4. Drivers doing 60 in the fast lane. #DontGoTooFastAsshats
    There's just no describing this
  5. Those that are constantly changing lanes at the last minute so they can get there faster. #YoureNotDaleJrAsshats
    You're the type of driver that caused an accident in the first place!
  6. Cars in the first and second lanes doing the same slow speed, blocking anybody from passing them. #CivilianPoPoAsshats