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  1. I'm playing this game. It's a semi RPG / Cooperative board game. Either all players make it to the end or evil wins. There's sort of a winner in that whomever has the most GP (Good Points) at the end is "The Winner."
  2. Some of the parts:
  3. Sorry, no peaking at the answers. I'm not sure how I'll manage this when I come to it. We'll see and I'll report back.
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  1. My son has these two super cool "dice." This one is a one sided die. It's a Möbius strip with "1" stamped into it. No matter how it lands, it's always a 1.
  2. This is a 3 sided "die." The three slashes indicate a 3. The one slash on the bottom indicates a 1, and obviously the side we can't see has two slashes for a 2.
  3. You would almost never use these dice for anything. They're just cool.
  4. Truth.
  1. Pewter or even plastic miniatures for D&D are expensive, so I'm making my own instead.
  2. For the most part I'm not making 3D minis, but rather I'm drawing them on 1" circles of card stock and hot glueing then to 1" steel washers.
  3. I may switch to something thicker than card stock and skip the washer; I'm just experimenting right now.
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  1. Learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons solo.
  2. Convince my friend Dave to play 1:1 D&D.
    This is unlikely to happen, but I'm going to try.
  3. Spend more time outdoors.
    This is a great park near my house.
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Spoiler alert: nerdiness to follow.
  1. RPG stands for Role Playing Game.
  2. x1 means...just me.
  3. I've played a few solo RPGs, most famous of which is Tunnels And Trolls. This was written to be played by a single player, and has a D&D feel to it, though frankly, it's a very weak game compared to D&D.
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