RPGx1? What does that mean, and why is that my username?

Spoiler alert: nerdiness to follow.
  1. RPG stands for Role Playing Game.
  2. x1 means...just me.
  3. I've played a few solo RPGs, most famous of which is Tunnels And Trolls. This was written to be played by a single player, and has a D&D feel to it, though frankly, it's a very weak game compared to D&D.
  4. The thing T&T has going for it is that you have to roll dice to create your character, the same as you do with D&D, though this is less complex. Also, you roll dice to do battles and stuff. But at least it's way better than a Choose Your Own Adventure book.
  5. I've got the 4th Edition (4E) D&D starter set, some polyhedral dice and I recently picked up a bunch of pewter D&D minis (see my profile picture) that I'm going to clean up and paint.
    I also have a decent set of Advanced D&D books, but I know that version is complex and not as fun as 4E.
  6. I made this from an old iPhone box.
  7. You know those cool iPhone boxes? The cardboard feels so interesting?
  8. I made one into this.
  9. It's a dice tower for rolling dice. Fun!
  10. Anyway, I'm going to try being the Dungeon Master and multiple characters and play D&D.
  11. Says you!
  12. Anyway, that's what this account is going to be about. Me playing D&D solo.