There are a LOT of people that Meryl. She's like Dorothy Parker but in reverse: generous of spirit, encouraging, sober and healthy to a fault, and clever in wonderful, smart ways that make you feel warm. As her husband, I feel I have a better vantage point and bragging rites. Forward:
  1. Healthy/great dinners. If you've ever eaten at a vegan restaurant, often the worst part is the friend who dragged you there or the waiter overhyping the grain coffee cappuccino with soy milk and coconut palm sweetener as so great and just like the real thing. Meryl is the real deal. Chunky, filling salads. Savory muffins. Velvety rich soups.
  2. Meryl liters the world with style. Her hair. Her grocery bags. Her toes nails and tenderness. We've all wanted our lives to play out like art in every way, but making EVERY moment a work of art is difficult (philosophies need to be grounded enough to work, sometimes) but Meryl is the closest I've ever seen at such elan and success.
  3. She is a wonderful mother. Patient, educational, important.
  4. Meryl is a great artist. Our house is not so much a house but a series of paintings knitted together like shields in a wall against orcs or Xerxes. It's amazing. She must dream in impressionistic excellence.
  5. A tender lover (who chooses not to be tender so very often).
  6. A mind for business. Not just the sharp mind but an element of wildfire resilience and and flamboyant adaptability. Living with Meryl makes starting a business seem fun.