Doctors Edition
  1. When I'm Shamed For The Medications I Take And Need
  2. When I've Been Banned From A Practice Because I've Cancelled Too Many Appointments Due To Sickness
  3. When I'm Shamed For Using The Office Wheelchair
  4. When I'm Refused Much Needed Medication
  5. When I'm Told That I'm Looking Better
  6. When I Have To Make A Conscience Effort To Not Dress Too Nice Or In Too Bright Colors, Basically If I Look To Put Together It's Assumed I'm Not As Sick As I Profess
  7. When A Doctor Talks Only To My Partner While I Sitting Right Next To Him
  8. When A Doctor Gets Mad At Me For Not Getting Better And For Treatments Failing
  9. When A Doctor Shows A Gleeful Smirk When Another Practitioner's Treatment Fails, Knowing That They're Not The Only One
  10. When My Doctor Speaks To My Partner Alone About Our Not Being Able To Have Children And Him Having To Take Care Of Me Instead And Doesn't Have The Same Conversation With Me
  11. When My Doctor Openly Mocks My Diagnoses
  12. Having To Prove How Sick I Am At Every Appointment
  13. Knowing That There Isn't A Better Doctor In My Area That Will Treat Me Any Better