These are just some ideas to get you going. Don't forget to checkout my other lists to see what I'm into. I'm so excited! ☃🎄
  1. Mix cd
  2. Something that's meaningful to you
  3. Family recipe
  4. Tree ornament
  5. Postcard, bumper sticker or magnet
  6. Games
  7. Handmade items!
  8. Vintage ribbons
  9. DVD that you love
  10. A nice note
  11. A donation to a favorite charity in my name
  12. Please no scented items
    Lotion,candles, soaps etc.
  13. Please no food or beverages
    I have a very restricted diet due to ibs.
  14. Please no print books
    I know this one is a bummer but I'm legally blind and I also can't hold a book for too long.