If you call yourself a feminist, are in solidarity with femmes or just plain ol' think all genders deserve equality then: *Only Accepting Suggestions From Femmes/Women
  1. Don't Get Aggressive When A Woman/Femme Challenges You
  2. Don't Swear At Or Belittle Us Because You Can't Take A Little Truth
  3. If You Can't Handle A Brusque Conversation Then Move On
  4. We Are Not Here To Placate Your Ego
  5. We're Not Here To Make Sure Your Feelings Are Intact
  6. If You're Called Out Then You Need To Handle It With Grace And Acceptance
  7. Keep Checking Your Toxic Masculinity
  8. Ask For Clarification When You Need It, No Bonus Points For Assumptions
  9. Do Not Dismiss Us Because Of Our Femininity
  10. Realize You Do Not Have All The Answers
  11. "Bowing Out" Or "Seeing Myself Out" etc Of Hard Conversations Does Not Make You The Better Or Bigger Person
  12. There Is No Need To Tell Us We Are Wrong When We're Having A Disagreement
  13. Doing An Information Dump Does Not Make Your Point Clearer
  14. Do Not Tone Police
  15. Don't Think That You Can Sway Us To Your Way Of Thinking Because You're Always Right
  16. Check Your Privileges
  17. Listen, Ask Questions And Learn When To Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself
  18. Don't Talk Over And Interrupt Us