For a cohesive list and explanation checkout Autistic Hoya's very informative ableism/language post:
  1. Mental Illness Ableist Language
    Crazy, nuts, maniac, psycho, insane, loony, lunatic, madman, mental, whacko Alternatives: Asinine, extreme, senseless, tyrannical, reckless, rage inducing, ridiculous, ludicrous
  2. Intellectual Ableist Language
    Stupid, simpleton, the "r" word, moron, imbecile, idiot, derp, cretin, special needs Alternatives: Insipid, ignorant, foolish, insensible, dense, dull, on the autism spectrum*, autistic*. *these are the correct terms for a person diagnosed with ASD, not to be used as slang.
  3. Physical/Mobility Ableist Language
    Suffers from _____, specially abled, spaz, lame, invalid, harelip, handicap(ped), handicapable, differently abled, diffability, crippled, confined to a wheelchair, bound to a wheelchair, gimp Alternatives: Disabled, has a disability/chronic health condition, with a physical/ mobility disability, uses/in a wheelchair, Has (specific condition here)
  4. Deaf and Blind Ableist Languages
    Deaf-mute, deaf to ____, turn a deaf ear to ____, dumb, hearing-impaired, blind to _____, turn a blind eye to ____, blinded by ____ Alternatives: Deaf, hard of hearing, blind, low vision