Aren't helpful right now.
  1. Yes, in the privacy of our homes we can scream and wail and say how disheartened we are by another Black death at the hands of the police. Say that we don't know what to do or say and that we feel helpless.
  2. But on social media and to our Black friends and acquaintances, it's not the time.
  3. We don't need to add the burden of our grief on top of their own.
  4. We shouldn't make it about us.
    Because it's not about us and we'll never know what it feels like to wonder and worry who'll be next and when.
  5. What do we do then?
    To be honest, I'm not 100% sure but here are some of my thoughts.
  6. Don't share the video.
  7. Be there for your Black friends, check in and see if they're ok and if you can do/get anything for them. Listen.
    But also recognize you may not be the person they want to talk to right now and that's ok.
  8. Read the hard and heartbreaking words of Black people.
  9. Reshare, repost, retweet these words so your friends and family can read them.
  10. Post #blacklivesmatter today and everyday to show solidarity.
  11. Call out or call in someone when they say all lives matter, or (shudder) blue lives matter. Have a discussion with a person who says that they're not sure what happened because we don't have all the details.
    Use your privilege and talk to your loved ones and use your social media reach to let everyone know that this is wrong and we need to take action.
  12. Call on your elected officials and say we're not going to let this happen in our neighborhood and ask them what they're going to do about it.
  13. Contact Louisiana's elected officials to let them now that we're watching and listening and we don't agree with what just happen and we want a result that doesn't end in another acquittal.
    Checkout this list for further info:
  14. If you're able to go to a protest or vigil.
    But remember you are a guest and you should be conscious of your whiteness.
  15. Sign these petitions:
  16. If your made uncomfortable by this list, good because we, white people, need to step outside of our white bubble.