1. Saying/Thinking She Asked For It
  2. Saying/Thinking Boys Will Be Boys
  3. Laughing At Rape Jokes
  4. Laughing At Aggressive Jokes Against Another Person
  5. Shrugging Off Another's Inappropriate Sexual Behavior
  6. Spouting False Rape Statistics
  7. Calling The Victims Mental State Out
  8. Bringing The Victims Past Up
  9. Thinking That The Victim Had Ulterior Motives
  10. TV Shows And Movies That Include Gratuitous Gendered Violence
  11. Toxic Masculinity
  12. "Manhood" = Sexually Aggressive + Dominant
  13. "Womanhood" = Sexually Passive + Submissive
  14. Assuming Victims Are Whores
  15. Assuming That Men Don't Get Raped
  16. Assuming That Sex Workers Can't Be Raped
  17. Assuming Transgender People Are Trying To Dupe You
  18. Straight Up Not Believing The Victim
  19. Being More Concerned With The Rapists Smeared Reputation
  20. Having Women Take Self defense Classes
  21. Placing The Onus Of Avoiding Rape On The Victim
  22. Using Language That Objectifies And Degrades A Person
  23. Keeping Quiet When Some Makes An Offensive Joke Or Trivializes Rape
  24. Supporting Frat Culture
  25. Listening Music That Mocks Consent
  26. The Good Ol' Boys Club
  27. Parents Who'd Rather Blame Another Teenager's Overt Sexuality Rather Than Talking About Respect And Consent With Their Child
    I'm talking about selfies here
  28. Companies Selling Car Decals That Show A Woman Bound And Gagged To Promote Their Business
  29. Schools Making Dress Codes That Target Young Women's Attire
  30. Journalist Wrongly Substituting "Sex" For "Rape"
  31. Police Or People In Position Of Power Not Taking A Victim Seriously
  32. The Victimization Of Our Most Vulnerable Communities By The People Who Are There To Protect Them
    Disabled, Mentally Ill, Elderly, Prisoners
  33. Using Social Media As A Platform To Expound About Ways In Which To Demoralize, Harm Another
  34. Hashtags Being Made To Support An Accused Rapist And To Blame The Victim
  35. Assuming That False Rape Reporting Is Higher Than It Actually Is
    2-8% Which Is On Par With Grand Theft Auto
  36. That Women, Gender Non-Conforming and Femme People Feel Unsafe Walking Streets At Night
  37. That Women, Gender Non-Confirming And Femme People Are Harassed On A Daily Basis Just For Walking Down The Street
  38. Ignoring A Celebrity's Sexual Assault Record
  39. Defending And Supporting An Abusive Celebrity
  40. Pornography That Perpetuates The Objectification Of Women
  41. When Adults Are Counting Down To Teenagers Eighteenth Birthday
  42. Thinking A Young Man Is Lucky To Have Been Taken Advantage Of By An Older Woman
  43. Rapists Rarely Getting Prosecuted
    3% Face Jail Time
  44. Not Knowing Or Understanding What Rape Is
  45. Not Believing In Rape Culture
  46. When You Consent To Drinking, Others Assume You Consented To Everything Else
    Zerlina Maxwell Tweet
  47. Thinking That Only Strangers Rape
  48. When A Person Speaks Publicly About Their Rape, They Receive Rape And Death Threats
  49. When An Adult Tells A Young Girl That When A Boys Is Mean/Violent Towards Them It Means They Like Them
  50. When Being Unconscious Equals Consent