If Lennie isn't your #1 then walk away.
  1. Detective Lennie Briscoe
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    "Nobody puts Lennie in a corner."
  2. Detective Mike Logan
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    [no explanation needed]
  3. Detective Ed Green
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    You can gamble on me anytime.
  4. Lieutenant Anita Van Buren
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    A woman in charge.
  5. Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid
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    That blunt unflattering bob was the sexiest.
  6. Dr Elizabeth Olivet
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    Look at those smoldering eyes.
  7. Assistant District Attorney Paul Robinette
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    One smooth mf'er.
  8. Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross
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    Her character was married to Holtz from Angel.
  9. Detective Ray Curtis
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    His self-righteousness knocked him down to this position in my lineup.
  10. Medical Examiner Elizabeth Rodgers
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    The sexy banter and tension between her and Lennie was super hot.
  11. Executive Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone
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    He's in here for his sexy morals.
  12. Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn
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    "Is it because I'm a lesbian?" Yes, yes it is.
  13. Executive Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy
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    He's tenacious and sometimes that's sexy and man he was a player.