Books Make Me Do Funny Things

I started to notice a correlation between books I read and hyper obsession with new things. Some last. Most don't. Here's a few examples.
  1. Last year I read 25 books.
    OMG hero alert!
  2. So far in 2016 I've read 20
    Has anybody heard of Harry Potter?
  3. Read a book - try something new
  4. Seven Years in Tibet
    I went full blown Buddhist for 2 weeks. Except for all the shitty aspects of course. So like .... 20% Buddhist.
  5. The Big Short
    I began trading stocks through the Robinhood app and shockingly enough this hasn't been a total disaster yet. Yes I realize this book should have had the opposite affect.
  6. 10% Happier
    I started meditating! Then I stopped. But then I started again! But th .....
  7. Cosmos
    I came dangerously close to buying a $500 telescope. Now I just make sure I look up on a clear night and appreciate all the crazy shit going on up there.
  8. My Year of Running Dangerously
    Went and bought some skimpy ass running shorts. Started clocking a few miles a day. Signed up for a half marathon! Stopped running 3 weeks later because seriously this sucks.
  9. Ready Player One
    Bought and Xbox 360. Played it like 7 times. Anybody in the market for an Xbox 360?
  10. Shotgun Lovesongs
    This book. This one. First book I read in 5 years (I know, right?) and it reminded me how incredible a good book can be.