My first phones in (probably?) chronological order

  1. 6th grade
    Basically a 2-way communicator with my mom/Snake machine.
  2. 8th grade
    UPGRADE ALERT more ergonomic keypad for enhanced snake performance. Still no friends to call.
  3. 9th grade
    New technology all but delivered by space aliens. Sent my first text on this (hey girl). Shocked by the absence of snake.
  4. 10th grade
    SO AMPED got a razr you guys!!
  5. 10th grade
    So my fucking razr broke in half and I had to use the bottom as basically a pager for 2 months. Parents finally stepped up their shit and got me this garbage replacement.
  6. 12th grade
    Yeah you guessed it, sent my first dick pic.
  7. Freshman year