I think I fall into the YA demographic still, having just turned 18, and I like that I can still enjoy books that I read at 13
  1. The chronicles of narnia
    I weirdly get the urge to watch these movies all the time. I do lots of research on the religious symbolism after bc it adds an entire level to the story that I never really see. Plus my grandpa read me the books when I was a kid, so I'll love them forever.
  2. Mortal instruments/infernal devices etc
    I'm rereading these right now...still awesome.
  3. The summer I turned pretty series
    A guilty pleasure at 14. An even guiltier pleasure now.
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Percy jackson
    It was the first series that got me so so excited to read and learn, and I can't wait to take my Greek world history class in my first year of college.