This is a list of words and phrases from other languages (well mostly Arabic but this is an open list) that I think need an english equivalent
  1. Sahtein
    Literal translation: Two healths Equivalent to: Bon appetit Actual use: A word that is used before/after/during meals, or as a response to any claim about enjoying a meal In a sentence: "I am loving this kafta!" Response: "Sahtein!!"
  2. Na'iman
    Literal translation: Of bliss Equivalent to: Bon bain Actual use: A word that is used after someone finishes their shower/bath In a sentence: "Mmm I feel so fresh after this bath!" Response: "Na'iman!"
  3. Salemtak
    Literal translation: Your safety Equivalent to: Get well soon Actual use: Said to someone when they are ill. Alternatively used as a response to the question "Can I get you something" In a sentence: (see above ☺)
  4. Inshallah
    Literal translation (broken down as In sha' allah): If God wills Equivalent to: .... well... should be equivalent to Hopefully.. but comes with negative connotations these days (which is unfortunate) Actual use: can be used literally as above. Or figuratively to mean that you are NOT planning on the intended activity/request In a sentence: "Dad, are we gonna start those driving lessons this week?" Response: "Inshallah"
  5. Walaw!
    Literal translation: (I dont think there is one!) Equivalent to: (I dont think there is any!) Actual use: a very versatile word that can be used to express incredulity (walaw!!! 😲), vanity (walaaaaw😏), generosity (walaw 😌) In a sentence: "I cant believe this jerk took my parking spot!! Walaw!!!", also "Wow! I didnt think you could score all those 3 pointers" Response "walaaaw", also "Man I really appreciate your help with the move" Response "walaw im happy to!"
  6. Tant pis
    My one french entry Literal translation: (im not sure!) Equivalent to: Never mind, too damn bad, tough sh*t Actual use: (see above) In a sentence: "The dog ate my homework, I swear" Response "Tant pis!"