1. Favorite Food: Chinese
  2. Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight
  3. Favorite Song: Anything Paramore
  4. Favorite Shoe Brand: Converse
  5. Favorite TV Show: 24
  6. Favorite Clothing Brand: Torrid
  7. Favorite Color: Ox Blood Red or Aqua
  8. Favorite Saying: "Karma is a Bitch"
  9. Favorite Live Show: Paramore MTV Live in 2007 (which I attended in person)
  10. Favorite Actress: Keria Knightley, Jennifer Lawerence (many others I can't think of now)
  11. Favorite Actor: Leiv Scriber
  12. Favorite Singer: Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams of Paramore.
  13. Favorite Band: silly question, Paramore. DUH
  14. Favorite Author: I'm gonna be a selfish d*ck and say myself ;)