1. Mitchell and I at the family picnic
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  2. The time I met Hank Aaron, Paul Molitor, Rollie Fingers, and Robin Yount
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  3. Bill and I at Lambeau
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  4. Garth Brooks!
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  5. Mark and I - hot family picnic!
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  6. Lake Superior
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  7. Metallica
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  8. These kids!
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  9. My tattoo
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  10. Florida Georgia Line
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  11. I'm glad he's still here to pick on
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  12. Oh yeah, it's Bill Nye
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  13. Logan learning to sew
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  14. Sitting in the dugout at Miller Park
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  15. Thankful for those who served including my father
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  16. Thankful
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  17. Megan and Brian's Wedding
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  18. Sisters
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  19. This girl!
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  20. Rosa Parks seat
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