ALL DOGS but specifically
  1. Shih tzus
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    I have two. Short hair pls! None of this show dog nonsense. Ugly.
  2. Golden Retriever
    Ever since I was a child watching Full House I've always wanted a 'Comet' dog.
  3. Lhasa Apso
    The shih tzus big brother. Also short hair pls.
  4. Yorkies.
    Some of them are yappers, but they're so tiny that it makes up for it.
  5. Italian Greyhound.
    Not gonna lie, Jenna Marbles sold me on them. Her dog Kermit is the cutest. I'll take ten.
  6. Siberian Husky
    I've always wanted one because my brother wanted one. that's the only reason tbh. It's always cool to like what your brother likes. They're cute though, so there's that.
  7. Great Dane
    I have no desire of owning one, but all Great Danes I've seen are so loving & it must feel great to have a huge dog to protect you & be your guard.
  8. ALL DOGS.