5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at "Random"

  1. Someone stole the wheels & tires off my car while it was parked in my building's locked garage so I made a collage while I waited for the tow truck.
  2. On the show I work on, they made me into a bride for a sketch in an episode. I had fun tricking a bunch of people I hadn't spoken to since high school into thinking I'd gotten married.
  3. This week's DIY manicure which I decided to do instead of going to bed early on Monday night.
  4. My grandma Anna and my great-grandma/namesake at Anna's high school graduation. I love this picture because I look just like her and I miss her a lot.
  5. If my parents had spent less time posing me with the bike, and more time teaching, maybe I wouldn't be 25 and have no idea how to ride a bike.