1. Hello. I passed you walking with Him on Hollywood Blvd tonight. He was in a bright blue shirt.
  2. Did he mention me?
  3. When we were dating, before it happened, he told me a story about a "crazy" girl who he had sex with and then later she claimed she hadn't wanted to do it, only he played it off like, "isn't she weird??"
  4. I wonder if he tells my story that way.
  5. It'll be two years at the end of the month. Two years since your boyfriend raped me.
  6. Every time I get a new job, I worry he'll come up. I worry about being in the same room with him.
  7. I saw him last month walking in my neighborhood. But I was in my car, not literally two feet from him.
  8. Tonight, when my boyfriend and I passed you with yours, I was the closest I've been to him since he forced his way inside me.
  9. I avoided eye contact. Did you notice? Did he?