Another Nail Tutorial!: Striped Tape Mani

I'm still new to tutorials, so let me know if you have any questions or want to see any other nail art tutorials!
  1. What you need (besides polish): top coat and base coat (I'm using OPI), Emory board, scissors, tweezers, polish remover, a small brush, tissues, and scotch tape and/or nail striping tape
  2. I have a lot of striping tape, which I've put onto my roll of scotch tape to make it easier to use. I purchased them on Amazon from Beaute Galleria, along with the set of brushes and dotting tools (see previous polka dot tutorial).
    You can either use tape as a tool or as decoration. Some of the tapes I have are shiny/decorative, so you would leave it on the nail and seal with a top coat. You can also paint over the tape and then remove it for plain lines from the base color of your polish, which is what I'll be doing here.
  3. File nails down to desired length with an Emory board. This keeps them healthy. Then apply a base coat and let it dry.
  4. Apply one coat of your base color. This is the colors that the lines will end up being. It's better to use a polish that is opaque enough that one coat is sufficient. I'm using OPI's Dulce de Leche here. Allow this coat to dry completely. If you don't, when you apply the tape it will pull up the polish with it.
    I'm right handed, so I always paint my right hand with my (non-dominant) left hand first. It's a lot easier/less likely to make mistakes this way than if your non-dominant hand is wet (ie easy to smudge) and trying to paint the other).
  5. Cut a piece of scotch tape with scissors. I usually cut them pretty thin. The striping tape is VERY thin, so I'm going to do a couple patterns so you can see everything.
  6. Place tape on ALL the fingers of the hand you're working on. If you try to do one finger at a time (taping and painting), you will inevitably smudge them. As long as the base color is dry, you should be able to place and re-place tape without picking up any of the color.
    The yellow tape is the nail striping tape. The clearer tape is obviously scotch tape. Important to note for the triangle on my ring finger: the tape overlaps slightly to get a clean line, but make sure to remember which piece is at the top and which is at the bottom. Otherwise it might get messed up if you try to remove the bottom piece first. Also, make sure that the tape is really pressed into the creases of the nail to make sure you get the cleanest lines.
  7. Paint over the entire nail with your top color. I'm using Revlon Colorstay Vintage Rose here. Paint your whole hand and let it dry some of the way.
  8. After you've let the top color dry some, remove the tape carefully using tweezers.
    Again, if any of your tape is overlapping, be sure to remove the top piece first.
  9. Clean up any edges/excess paint with a small brush dipped into remover. I usually pour some in the cap so it's easier to use.
  10. Apply top coat once your nails are pretty dry. Otherwise, the colors might smear some.
  11. Then, tada! A tape mani!