1. Peering into cars in traffic while looking for my friend who was picking me up
    Oops. This happened on Friday.
  2. Comedy shows
    Pitfalls of spending the entire year I was 23 exclusively dating comics/men who think they're comics but aren't/men who aspire to be comics. Has happened multiple times with multiple people. Sometimes they're in the audience, sometimes they're a performer that was added last minute to the lineup for the show you're already seated at.
  3. When he's on a date at a restaurant I introduced him to
    Brunch, rather. I was with my girlfriends and he was one table over with a lady.
  4. The line at UCB Franklin when I'm trying to go to Gelson's
    See #1. Also, the pitfalls of living walking distance from the UCB. Has happened multiple times with multiple boys.
  5. Gelson's
    Damn you, Gelson's! Why must you be so close to my house, but also so expensive, but also so convenient for several of my former flames?
  6. When I'm on a date/with my boyfriend
    This one usually incorporates one of the aforementioned items and leads to primo awkwardness for everyone involved!