1. Rachel and Quinn (UnREAL)
    The biggest badasses, period. Smart, manipulative, complicated ladies.
  2. Maggie and Emma (Playing House)
    This is one of the funniest shows on TV. Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham are perfect. It's a sweet show but also SO funny. I can't watch it at work anymore because I laugh too loudly. I love seeing female friendships as the most important relationships on a show.
  3. Jessica Pearson (Suits)
    Gina Torres is a goddess in every sense of the word. For a show with two white, blonde dudes as the leads, it's refreshing to see a woman of color as the head of the firm, especially one as smart, strong, and bullshit-proof as Jessica is.
  4. Darlene and Joanna (Mr. Robot)
    I can't say too much but I've loved Carly Chaikin since her brilliant turn as Cheryl Hines's daughter on Suburgatory. This is proof of what a versatile actor she is. And Joanna?! Hot damn, that's a powerful lady.
  5. Chair (Another Period)
    This show is full of interesting female characters but Christina Hendricks is conniving and funny and surprisingly powerful.
  6. Gretchen (You're the Worst)
    Okay, so this show doesn't come back until September 9th, but I'm so excited for it and I just want everyone to watch it. Gretchen has such an honest and fucked up voice and it's one of the truest depictions of being in your pseudo-adulthood I've ever seen. Or maybe it's just cause I'm living and dating in LA?