*that pretty much went nowhere
  1. You asked me if I wanted to swing dance. You were capital H Hot, and I couldn't believe you were talking to me. With your tiny silver hoop earrings and the two tattoos I could see, you were clearly way too cool for me.
    After hours of dancing and talking, you took me outside with you so you could smoke, and then suddenly our faces were impossibly close together and I knew how much you wanted me. When the bouncer made us go back inside, you backed me into a wall and we made out some more until you stopped to tell me how hot I was and that threw me off because no stranger had ever said that to me before.
  2. One 4th of July my friends wandered into a stranger's house and you were there. You took an interest in me even though another girl was literally attempting to put her butt in your face. Someone shattered a wine glass and we were all asked to leave. It was at that point, standing on the side of a stranger's house in Venice, that you kissed me.
    You were probably a foot and a half taller than me, and kept picking me up to kiss me. We wandered the streets and beaches of Venice into the wee hours of the morning, talking and kissing and kissing.
  3. You drunkenly messaged me on tinder, but when I responded the next day, we wound up talking for 8 straight hours, and meeting after we both got out of work. At the bar, the couple next to us thought we had been dating for years. You looked at me like I was perfect.
    Our long, slow kiss happened while pressed against your car, loaded with intention and promise. "People go so fast; no one savors the kiss," you told me.
  4. "We should make out some time," I told you drunkenly at the wrap party for my show. You were there with your cousin. "Why not now?" you asked, and led me into the empty theater we had screened the show in.
    I straddled you in a dress I shouldn't have been doing that in, and we kissed in the first row of seats until someone wandered in and saw us.
  5. We were stuck together when our friends met up. We walked the beach as our friends made out behind us. You told me about your fourth grade teacher. Eventually, while sitting in an abandoned gazebo, our friends started chanting for us to kiss, and we obliged.
    You kissed me with just the right amount of firmness and intention. I liked that you tasted like chicken tikka masala.