1. Clara (age 13)
    Eighth grade came and with that brought a new girl to school, who was very nice and cool and foreign (she was from the Midwest). With that, the foursome of best friends that I had envisioned as the forever Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants lost our first member, Clara.
  2. Vanessa (age 14)
    Next was Vanessa, who we lost several months after Clara, around winter time, where the debate became if we should even exchange holiday gifts. There was no fight or confrontation here, just the simple understanding that the friendship that had existed since third grade was no more.
  3. Lily (age 16)
    It was the end of the 1st semester of our junior year of HS, when she told the boy I liked, and had liked on and off for 3 years (and was very good friends with), that I was obsessed with him, and would he "just ask me out already so it would make [her] life easier?" He was (understandably) scared away, and she didn't seem to understand why I was upset. If she had just apologized, we might have stayed friends. Instead, she went to Russia for a semester and didn't tell us she was leaving.
  4. Matt (age 22)
    He was one of my college roommates for 2 years. My totally platonic "husband," who would bake brownies anytime one of our roommates was upset, and stay in on a Friday night to watch Friends reruns, which we could both quote in their entirety. Once we graduated, I think he resented that our other roommate and I continued to live together in LA. He came to visit and was very rude/condescending to us about our pursuit of entertainment industry jobs (he is an engineer) and that was kind of it.