My childhood best friend just texted me to ask if I was OK because of my post-Trump-victory posts. I told her I was sick for our country. She asked me what I was afraid of, specifically. Here goes.
  1. Roe v Wade being overturned.
  2. My black friends in greater danger than ever before.
  3. My LGBTQ friends' marriages and rights being nullified.
  4. Losing my health insurance.
  5. The abolishment of minimum wage.
  6. My identity as a Jewish woman.
  7. My Muslim friends being persecuted and deported.
  8. My immigrant friends not knowing if they'll be able to stay in their homes.
  9. The VRA being overturned.
  10. Children learning that bullying is an acceptable path to your dreams.
  11. The amount of Supreme Court justices that will be appointed and last our entire lives.
  12. The lack of checks and balances left when everything is Red.