1. Season 2 of both of these great shows just premiered!
  2. You can catch on UnREAL on Lifetime, or their myLifetime website. New episodes every Monday
  3. You can catch the first TWO episodes of Casual on Hulu. New episodes go up at midnight Tuesday/9pm Mon if you're on the West Coast.
  4. Both episodes of Casual were directed by the brilliant Jason Reitman, and written by creator Zander Lehmann and EP Liz Tigelaar, respectively.
  5. Both shows feature interesting, flawed, fucked up characters.
  6. Even though I spent the last six months living in the world of Casual, I'm still glad to have these characters back on my screen and am so happy to share them with you.
  7. I can't even begin to describe the premiere of UnREAL. All I'll say is "money. dick. power." and "I'm not manic. I'm changing the world."
  8. Please watch these shows!!