I am/was/always will be a terrible artist. Except nail art, of course. Most of these are 20ish years old.
  1. I spelled my name wrong.
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    2nd grade
  2. It's either a cat or a chocolate chip cookie. Who can tell?
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    1st grade
  3. This is when my parents knew I was going to be a writer and the first time I figured out how my love for telling stories was different than my classmates'.
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    2nd grade
  4. This is propped up on top of the first place. I'm more proud of my last stint of fine arts than the flash gives it credit.
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    8th grade
  5. We were doing Georgia O'Keefe paintings. They were letting 5 year olds paint vaginas!
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  6. I think we were drawing spirit figures or something and I wanted mine to help me dance well?
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    3rd grade
  7. Art was hard for me but my parents took pity since I'm an only child and ordered mugs and magnets of this one.
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    5th grade