Childhood Artwork My Parents Still Have Up in Their House for Reasons I Can't Fathom

I am/was/always will be a terrible artist. Except nail art, of course. Most of these are 20ish years old.
  1. I spelled my name wrong.
    2nd grade
  2. It's either a cat or a chocolate chip cookie. Who can tell?
    1st grade
  3. This is when my parents knew I was going to be a writer and the first time I figured out how my love for telling stories was different than my classmates'.
    2nd grade
  4. This is propped up on top of the first place. I'm more proud of my last stint of fine arts than the flash gives it credit.
    8th grade
  5. We were doing Georgia O'Keefe paintings. They were letting 5 year olds paint vaginas!
  6. I think we were drawing spirit figures or something and I wanted mine to help me dance well?
    3rd grade
  7. Art was hard for me but my parents took pity since I'm an only child and ordered mugs and magnets of this one.
    5th grade