1. I was just in a car accident. I'm OK.
  2. Well, kind of OK. My boyfriend said I should go to urgent care but I know it's just psychological.
  3. I was such an adult though! I called 911 because the passenger in the at-fault car said she needed an ambulance and talked to the police and kept everyone calm.
  4. It was a 3 car accident. The car two behind me hit the car behind me, which hit me.
  5. The back of my car on the driver's side is kinda obliterated. Technically drivable, but I kinda don't ever want to drive again.
  6. The last time I had to file an insurance claim for my car, I was raped, and four days later, the tires and wheels were stolen off my car from the locked garage of my old apartment. Yesterday, I got some scary health call from my doctor, and then this happened.
  7. I need this week to be over. I do not feel OK.