1. USPS & FedEx
    I spent last week calling the post office 25 times. One time they picked up and told me to call back. I did and they never answered, so I went there and asked why the package I dropped off on 12/10 is still sitting in the post office 17 days later. They said FedEx hasn't picked it up and told me to call them. They can't give it back to me either. I call FedEx and they said it's USPS's fault. So I spent hours for no one to be able to send my package so I can get my refund. Ugh.
  2. Apple Store
    The Genius of my Genius Bar appointment is a dream! He answers all my questions, quotes me lower for the repair than I'd expected, and then says they can do it in 2 hours. He comes back with the work order and says actually, 45 minutes. I was counting on it taking days so this was a pleasant surprise!
  3. Target
    Wait in line FOREVER at guest service, but I feel for the poor Guest Service Attendants because I worked at Guest Service at Target for 3 summers. The guy who helps me is relieved that I'm not yelling at him. He consolidates my gift cards and everything is OK.
  4. My landlord
    Our heat has not worked for a month. We keep telling her. She has not fixed it. I texted her again when I got back yesterday, and she didn't respond for 7 hours, finally saying that her husband had come twice and we weren't home. If I'd known he was coming, I would have made sure I was home! It's 50 degrees in my house. I said I would be home from 3pm on today. Checked in. No response. At 7:30, after waiting for 4+ hours, she says someone will come Wednesday AM. I'M SO COLD AND MAD.