Inspired by @meg1 and @DanaDigsYou
  1. "Boom! Comedy! Write it down!"
  2. Instagrammed rejection text. Still dated.
  3. Vegan pizza. "meet my mom!"
  4. Romantic moonlit beach worst kisser
  5. Secretly engaged the whole time
  6. First kiss missed my mouth
  7. Not engineer. Unpaid life coach.
  8. Tongue in my ear canal
  9. Swing dance tattooed emotionally unavailable
  10. No hand soap in bathroom...?
  11. Did you swallow my earring?
  12. Cool comedy show, worst human
  13. Monsters Inc one night stand
  14. Yearlong relationship in a month
  15. Good brunch but zero chemistry
  16. Jason Mraz romance novel storytime
  17. Gave flower, then broke heart