My roommate will kill me if she knows I posted this--oops! It was based on an actual list we had in our apartment that we had to scramble to hide from boys who came over
  1. Went to a school we've heard of
    We were recent college grads and a little classist
  2. Employed
    Spent a lot of time asking people "...but what do you actually DO? Like, to pay your rent?" with dodgy answers. Damn comics. More info on that below.
  3. Aren't openly mean
    But secretly mean was apparently OK
  4. Didn't date your friend
    Girl code
  5. Doesn't work with you
    Jim and Pam aren't real people ok?? And yes, my parents met at work, but we were just starting our careers and didn't want to complicate things.
  6. Straight
    I like that this qualifier is all the way down at #6. I spent my whole youth loving/dating boys who would later come out of the closet, so this was important. In retrospect, it should have been "likes girls," not just straight. Let's not exclude those bi guys.
  7. Doesn't live far away
    I spent a while at age 23 dating a guy who lived in Glendale, while I lived in Culver City. For those not living in the greater Los Angeles area, that's essentially a long distance relationship
  8. Between 22-35
    If they were still in college, that felt weird. If they were over the legal drinking age before we were even in high school, also weird. My ex was 31 when I was 23 and even THAT felt like too wide an age gap.
  9. No actors/comics/musicians
    Burned too many times.
  10. Not super religious
    While both of us were raised Jewish, neither of us were practicing. We reasoned that a long term relationship might be difficult with such different views.