It was all a dream! Where I apparently had weddings on the brain. None of this has happened!
  1. My childhood BFF posted her engagement ring photo on Facebook, which was how I learned she was engaged.
    This made no sense, as we talk 1-2 times a month, AND she never uses Facebook/social media.
  2. So I drive to Virginia to tell her she can't marry someone she's only been dating for 3 months.
    Unsure why Dream Rachel didn't just fly--driving to Virginia would take way longer, and this was an urgent matter!
  3. While driving to Virginia, I drove by the time share neighborhood my college boyfriend and I stayed at in Orlando when we went to Disney World for spring break.
    In no universe would a drive from Los Angeles to Virginia when you're on a mission take you through Orlando. (But I think this came from seeing pictures of him and his fiancée in Disney World and wondering if they stayed in the same villa on their trip.)
  4. Then, I was at another friend's wedding reception.
    Which is weird because the couple got married in October.
  5. Their wedding turned into my birthday party at the same venue. A party my boyfriend had fully planned.
    A wedding morphed into my birthday party? Unlikely!
  6. My mom was at the party and interrupted me midway through to take me wedding dress shopping.
    In the middle of the party! When I wasn't even engaged!