Entertainment That Soothed Me During This Hellish Week

Inspired by @Grosstastic and @TVAddict
  1. Better Things
    I'd enjoyed this show but only seen half the episodes. Watched the rest this week and seeing strong, complicated women onscreen was what I needed.
  2. Baking
    I've been selling homemade baked goods. It's a really nice distraction. Los Angeles li.sters: I'm selling homemade baked goods for the holidays!
  3. The Office seasons 5/6
    We started with Golden Ticket, and went through Niagara, where I got the cathartic cry I've been needing.
  4. Doctor Strange
    We went to a peaceful gathering that was an offshoot of Pantsuit Nation on Sunday. It was a great discussion about where we go from here and really action-oriented. Afterward, we wanted something fun to clear our heads. Rachel McAdams's problematic character aside, this really did the trick. My favorite character was the fickle cloak. It reminded me of my cat.