1. My ex just texted me. Seeing his name pop up on my screen always gets that pit in my stomach going.
  2. He wanted to let me know he'd be working on the show I (used to) work on.
  3. It's nice of him to warn me but the last time he texted me, I told him I didn't work there anymore.
  4. So...cool?
  5. Did he really not remember or was he trying to strike up conversation like I think he tried to do when he added me on LinkedIn the same day my friend saw him on Tinder even though he very much has a girlfriend?
  6. He's also been liking some photos of mine on Instagram lately. One, a few weeks ago, made sense because I did look great. The most recent was this past Monday, when he liked one photo, 8 photos back.
  7. It was of me, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend's brother and sister in law.
  8. It wasn't the most recent picture of me and my boyfriend, if he was trying to make a statement there, so I really just don't understand.
  9. What I totally did do was text all my girlfriends who still work on the show to let them know he was gonna be there. Cause they were there, the whole saga, as it was happening.
  10. And then signing off, he called me "Rach."
  11. We're certainly not on terms of endearment. Come on.
  12. I had the most wonderful weekend with my boyfriend, and now I'm leaving the weekend on such a sour note 🙄