1. First real kiss
    While his mom watched from her car in my driveway, he missed my mouth, and then put up how great our kiss was as his AIM away message.
  2. Jason Mraz's acoustic reunion with Toca
    Say what you will about him, but Jason Mraz has been my musical comfort food since I was 12. I like his earlier stuff better, so when I heard he was doing a special acoustic show and reuniting with Toca Rivera, I was over the moon. My then-BF and I drove 2.5 hours to Virginia. He didn't appreciate the music AT ALL and then we slept on the floor of his frat house on Ashland. Not ideal.
  3. First adult road trip
    My then-boyfriend and I were driving to Santa Barbara to see a concert. The two friends who were supposed to go with us both bailed at the last minute, so half an hour before he was supposed to pick me up, he pushed our departure time 6 hours. Then he was pissy, concert had some glitches, and we ended up driving home (to LA) at 2am after he through a fit at the club. We were supposed to spend the night there and have a nice weekend. We had none of that and broke up 6 days later.
  4. Owl John (Frightened Rabbit's Scott Hutchison) concert
    Frightened Rabbit is my favorite band, but I had never been able to see them live. Their frontman was releasing a solo album, and I immediately got tickets. He hadn't finished the album, so he spent the show playing whatever the audience wanted to hear. It was a religious experience I shared with the guy I was seeing. We spent hours together, talking before the show, connecting in a way I hadn't with another person in a while. I was smitten. It was the last time I saw him before he ghosted.
  5. First random make out at a bar/first kiss post-3.5 year relationship breakup
    After breaking up with my college BF and moving to LA, I was terrified of men. It took 4 months until I got drunk on Black Friday and kissed my first rando. It was great til he stuck my hand down his pants. I didn't know what to do so I held this stranger's penis limply for a few seconds until I finally took my hand back. Then he promptly stopped kissing me, shook the hand that had been down his pants moments earlier, and walked away. I didn't kiss anyone else for months and months after that.
  6. My show's wrap party
    For the second year in a row, I had planned and organized the wrap party for the show I worked on. I brought my ex-boyfriend since we were seeing each other again. He asked me to dinner before, and then, in my party dress and all, we sat outside of the Culver City Rally's (the same one can be seen on Netflix's LOVE). It was not the special night I had thought it would be after working so hard to make sure it went off without a hitch.