1. His motto is "it's life, you gotta live it."
  2. He's having some relationship problems with his live-in girlfriend but if they break up he'll be ok because they've already cried all the tears.
  3. He is a white hip-hop artist.
  4. He "would have slayed in the 90s" but now "people only like house shit"
  5. His name is Logan but his hip hop name is Slogan. He played me 3 tracks. They were not my style.
  6. Someone stole $60k from him six months ago.
  7. He wanted to join the navy, be a cook, then cook on cruise ships, and eventually open his own restaurant.
  8. He broke his neck so the army wouldn't take him, and now he can't cook because he can't stand up for long periods at a times as a result of that injury.
  9. He wants to move to Colorado to snowboard and/or sell weed, though I'm not sure how one snowboards if one can't stand up for long periods of time.
  10. He smoked cigarettes while I was in the car.
  11. Uber rejected him because he drives a truck.