Requested by Mlh

Favorite episode of some of your favorite shows

Thanks for the request @mlh! This was a fun one and hard to narrow down! I have other favorite shows but if there wasn't an episode that immediately stuck out to me, I didn't include it.
  1. Parks and Rec: Flu Season or Win, Lose, or Draw
    I have seen Flu Season no less than 12 times and it never doesn't make me laugh. It is such a good episode for all of the characters. Win, Lose, or Draw is a perfect Leslie Knope episode. Amy is incredible in it.
  2. New Girl: Cooler
    This episode features True American, as well as one of the hottest kisses I've ever seen on network TV.
  3. The Office: Casino Night
    I mean, come on. I don't need to explain this to any of you nerds.
  4. You're the Worst: There is Not Currently A Problem or LCD Soundsystem
    OK, so I like bottle episodes. Aya Cash and Chris Geere are perfect in this episode dealing with her clinical depression and a rat.
  5. Dawson's Creek: Castaways
    Pacey and Joey get locked inside of a Kmart overnight and that's literally my dream come true. Perfect episode for their relationship, plus the fun of being locked in the store. So good.
  6. Scrubs: My Screwup
    The reveal of Brendan Fraser's death to Joshua Radin's perfect "Winter" is something I'll bar forget seeing for the first time.
  7. Casual: Bottles
    I first read this episode after I got the job on season 2, since it hadn't aired yet and I needed to get caught up. I was blown away, and the episode in its fruition was nothing less than brilliant.
  8. Orphan Black: Natural Selection (Pilot)
    This is such an intriguing pilot and a great glimpse into a sliver of the talent of Tatiana Maslany. It's a bonkers series and this is where it all began.
  9. Louie: So Did the Fat Lady
    The speech at the end of this episode is something everyone needs to hear.
  10. Party Down: Steve Guttenberg's Birthday
    On a brilliant show, this episode, where they get to hang out and explore their acting chops, is one that always makes me smile.
  11. Girls: The Panic in Central Park
    This short film episode was so beautifully written and acted. Marnie somehow became my favorite character on the show?
  12. How I Met Your Mother: How Your Mother Met Me
    In show that floundered for so many seasons, this was a bright spot. The show always excelled at their less linear narrative storylines, and it was fun to weave her through it all.
  13. Friends: The One with the Embryos
    Please see my previous Friends list.