1. The One with the Embryos
    This is just the best episode, no contest. So much fun stuff within the game, and Phoebe gets a tear-worthy storyline. Who doesn't love "My sister's gonna have my baby!" Jennifer Aniston couldn't even contain herself
  2. The One with the Football
    My favorite of all their Thanksgivings. So much fun. So good for all the characters. Joey think the Netherlands is "Neverland" is priceless.
  3. The One with the Prom Video
    I mean, come on. He's her lobster.
  4. The One with the Proposal
    I cry in anticipation every time Chandler goes back into the apartment and Monica is there with all the candles. Monica and Chandler are a WAY better couple than Ross and Rachel are.
  5. The One Where No One's Ready
    This is an impressive episode technically all on its one. It takes place in real time, which is much easier to recognize when rewatching on DVD/Netflix. "I'm Chandler, could I BE wearing any more clothes?" So good.
  6. The One with the Baby on the Bus
    "Ducks is heads because ducks have heads." "What kind of scary-ass clowns came to your birthday?" made me laugh endlessly.
  7. The One Where Ross Got High
    The truth scene at the end of the episode is good. All hail Judy Geller.
  8. The One with Ross's Tan
    This made my mother cry laughing. David Schwimmer is so good at physical comedy.