What I learned from making this list: I just really like when characters *love* the object of their affection I guess?
  1. Dimitri from "Anastasia"
    Not a Disney Prince, but by far the dreamiest animated dude of my childhood. When this movie came out on VHS I watched it 8 times in a row, and then couldn't watch it again for about 10 years. Dimitri is a con man but he's so charming and dreamy and he and Anya have great banter. And perhaps a little too much sexual tension/almost smooches for a children's movie? Have I mentioned that he was voiced by John Cusack? You see, I have a thing about John Cusack, which brings me to...
  2. Lloyd Dobler from "Say Anything"
    One of my great regrets in life is that I wasn't born earlier because 23-year-old John Cusack and I really could have been something. I mean, those eyelashes, COME ON. He has a bunch of kickass female friends and falls for the smart girl. That's pretty neat. Full disclosure: I HATE the boombox scene. She doesn't even see him doing it because she's all moping in her bed and undeserving of his love.
  3. Landry Clarke from "Friday Night Lights"
    An unusual choice, maybe, when you look at the wide array of FNL heartthrobs, but my heart belongs to Landry, even though he murdered a guy that one time. I once had a sexy dream about Landry, and by sexy, I mean that in my dream we were grocery shopping and he asked me what I wanted to buy and I said "Baby carrots" and he told me that was a good choice.
  4. Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter BOOKS
    Book Ron always did it for me. Movie Ron didn't, for some reason. I like Rupert Grint a lot actually but he didn't give me the warm and fuzzies from down under.
  5. Pacey Witter from "Dawson's Creek"
    Please see previous list: "Why Pacey Witter Is My Soulmate"
  6. Chuck Bartowski from "Chuck"
    I love me some sweet dorks who just love the girl.
  7. Jim Halpert from "The Office"
    Because duh. This is probably my least original crush. Jim is goofy and sweet and his bantering abilities are on point. I need to know what was in the teapot letter.
  8. Nick Andopolis from "Freaks and Geeks"
    Dopey baby Jason Segel. Even when Nick got what I should have recognized as creepy, didn't matter. My love for that drummer would not dwindle.
  9. Danny Castellano from "The Mindy Project"
    Because why would you need anything in your life after this: http://bit.ly/1SWrZvX