Discovered this list in a journal entry dated June 22, 2002. Typed verbatim.
  1. So Weird
    It was awesome! I saw every episode at least four times. It lost ratings when star Cara DeLizia left and was replaced by Alexz Johnson. Very cute guys starred though! Funny fact: Cara DeLizia and Patrick Levis are both from Silver Springs, MARYLAND!
  2. Friends
    Of course, I had to start watching this show when there were only two seasons left (I started watching this fall and now there's only one season left :( )! But I've seen a lot of episodes because it's in two or three times a day (except on Sundays). I love all of the "friends"!
  3. Boy Meets World
    I love this show, but only started watching it after it was canceled. They started showing re-runs on Disney. Now I've seen practically every episode. I don't like the episodes from the first season as much. They were too, I don't know...young, I guess.
  4. Saved By The Bell
    I didn't like the Junior High season from this show either. I especially liked the last episode (which was a movie), "Wedding in Las Vegas."
  5. Maybe It's Me
    I love this show even though it's only been on for one season (so far). Patrick Levis (who was also on So Weird) plays one of the main character's brothers. We even get to listen to him sing in several episodes! [side note: I have absolutely no recollection of this show, even after googling it.]
  6. I also love the shows: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Lizzie McGuire, The Famous Jett Jackson, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Will and Grace, Even Stevens