Friends Hairstyles: Highlights and Lowlights

  1. LIKE: Phoebe's curly hair in season one. She's a goddess.
  2. DISLIKE: Monica's awkward short hair after the Demi/Dudley Moore fiasco.
  3. LIKE: Rachel's ponytail and pinned back bangs.
  4. DISLIKE: Phoebe when she goes to meet her ice dancer husband.
  5. LIKE: Monica's longer hair in later seasons.
  6. DISLIKE: Rachel's season 10 bangs. Weird length.
  7. LIKE: Phoebe's wedding hair. I like her with curls, OK?
  8. DISLIKE: Monica's mini bangs.
  9. INDIFFERENT: The Rachel. I know.
  10. LIKE: All of Phoebe's cool updos.
  11. DISLIKE: Monica's finale hair when they're trying to hide that she's pregnant IRL.
  12. LIKE: Wavy Rachel.
  13. DISLIKE: Brad Pitt's frosted tips.
  14. LIKE: When Monica's bangs grew out a little and her hair's half up/half down.
  15. DISLIKE: Kathy's hair. She also got the short end of the straw with her character, but I already listed about that.
  16. DISLIKE: Ross always*
    *his hair but also, you know.