Friggin Watch This Show, Please

I think @TQ made a list like this a while back, but I can't find it, so we'll just say this was probably inspired by him. (Also if I couldn't think of a show for the letter, I stuck in one of my other faves)
  1. Another Period
    Funny ladies making social commentary, set to the music of Snoop Dogg.
  2. Broad City
    This list is a lot of shows with funny ladies, hope that's cool with you.
  3. Catastrophe
    This show is only 6 episodes per season, but I wish it was a million episodes because it's so smart and funny and real.
  4. Party Down
    A perfect show.
  5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Plagued by bad (and blatantly wrong) marketing, this show quickly became one of my favorite newbies this season. So smart and spot on. Way more than its title.
  6. The Family
    I'm sad this got cancelled because it was my favorite pilot of the year. A really intriguing show if you like crime and mystery and the documentary "The Imposter"/this New Yorker article:
  7. Galavant
    The most fun viewing experience. Really meta and self aware. Highly recommend checking it out it's wonderful two seasons on Hulu, even though ABC axed it.
  8. Happy Endings
    Jokes per minute on this show were 💯 and having rewatched it all earlier this year, it holds up as one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.
  9. Inside Amy Schumer
    So smart. Such good writing.
  10. Jane the Virgin
    Really fun and self-aware.
  11. Key & Peele
    Yes to this guys. Yes to Peter Atencio.
  12. Lone Star
    OK, so what if I'm still bitter about a show that got cancelled five years ago after only airing two episodes?? I loved this pilot and it suffered from severe mismarketing on Fox's part.
  13. Mom
    I never thought I would watch a Chuck Lorre show but Mom handles addiction in a really beautiful way and has a baller cast of all ladies of all ages.
  14. New Girl
    Loved the back end of this most recent season so much. Great ensemble.
  15. Orphan Black
    Just give Tatiana Maslany all the Emmys.
  16. Playing House
    Funny ladies alert! I adore these women and this show. I genuinely laugh out loud every time I watch. I'm so glad they're coming back for a third season. Maybe people will finally watch USA shows post-Mr. Robot?
  17. UnREAL
    Q for Queen Bee Quinn. Love these female anti-heroes. Great performances.
  18. Mr. Robot
    One of the coolest shot shows I've ever seen. I'm totally on board.
  19. Suburgatory
    I loved this show and its music but no one else watched it.
  20. The Americans
    Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are BONKERS good in this. This season has been so strong. I wish more people watched it. Sometimes I'm worried I'm not smart enough to be watching this show, but it's still worth it.
  21. Undeclared/ Freaks and Geeks
    The less-acclaimed follow up project to Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared features literally every funny famous person we have today, but it was made in 2001. Both of these shows are so good.
  22. Veep
    JLD wins everything with good reason.
  23. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
    I could never have imagined how much joy this show would bring me. It's honestly so great and on par with the movie, and the cast is clearly having the best time ever.
  24. The Comeback
    Cringe comedy at its best, most heartbreaking, and cringiest. This show is so accurate to the entertainment industry, and perhaps a little too real? The second season is just as beautiful as the original.
  25. You're the Worst
    Favorite show. So funny. So smart. Handling depression in a way I've never seen on television. Please watch.
  26. Casual
    Sorry, I had to. It's great, I promise.