First time there!
  1. Winning major points with my boyfriend and his brother and sister-in-law for scoring us the invite.
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  3. Mike the bartender, who blew our minds in such a way that my boyfriend was literally yelling "HOW?!?!" and his brother decided to bail on his current career in favor of magic.
  4. Befriending the silhouette portrait artist, who gave us the inside scoop about the best show in the house (Mike the bartender)
  5. Getting one-on-one time with both my boyfriend's brother and his sister-in-law and realizing that I'm totally comfortable hanging out with them without my boyfriend present. They are both awesome and I am so glad that they live within walking distance because they're the best.
  6. Getting hit on by an elderly goofball magician because I was the unmarried one of us two ladies.
  7. Being able to walk down the hill to grab our uber with ease, having decided to wear shorter heels than sis-in-law's (very cute but deadly) 6" pink pumps.
  8. This bunny, which my boyfriend got for me when I was in the bathroom. I didn't notice then, or when we walked to the uber, or in the car, or walking into my apartment, so he put her on my bed and I was blown away that she had magically appeared there!
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