1. When I was a child, I would wake up suuuuuper early, but I wasn't allowed to go up the kitchen or TV room until a certain time.
  2. So I would stay in my room and play board games. By myself.
  3. Because I was an only child, and the only non-Orthodox kid in my neighborhood, I did this a lot. There weren't other kids who would play with me.
  4. When I played LIFE against myself, I always used the white and the blue cars because the little pink and blue pegs to represent the people looked the prettiest with those game pieces.
  5. I would make up and document entire lives of both families. Their job histories, when their children were born, what everyone's names were. How the two families were connected.
  6. And the spinner was a little sticky. So I would cheat, so the white car won and the blue car lost. Every time.
  7. I cheated at a game in which I was playing against myself.
  8. I was a lonely only child.