Inspired by @Nicholas, and many others!
  1. Bagel
    Everything bagel imported from the supermarket in the Orthodox neighborhood my parents live in. Sliced and toasted with Skippy creamy reduced fat peanut butter (I was raised on this so normal PB tastes weird to me).
  2. Mixed drink
    Whiskey and ginger ale
  3. Banter
    Joey/Pacey. Or Andie/Pacey. Basically anyone with Pacey.
  4. Cold Sandwich
    Smoked turkey, spinach, avocado, on focaccia. No spread and no cheese.
  5. Hot Sandwich
    Grill every veggie you can find, especially portobello mushroom, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, artichoke, spinach, melted cheese (provolone?), joy
  6. Music
    Singer/songwriter from the UK or some Nordic country whose pain you can feel in their voice.
  7. Night in with roommate/BFF
    Order copious amounts of Thai food and sit on the floor of our living room in PJs, eating and watching bad TV/the shows we save to watch together.
  8. Pie
    Banoffee (banana toffee). Trust me.
  9. Breakfast
    Fage Peach 2% Greek yogurt mixed with the Vanilla Almond Just the Clusters cereal from Trader Joes.
  10. Drunk food
    French fries. Or the hash brown patties from Trader Joes.
  11. Hangover food
    Breakfast sandwich with eggs and bacon. Greasy as it can be.
  12. Hug
    Longer than usual. Intentional. Strong. From the heart.