1. I don't know what compelled me to look up these dog adoption sites today. I usually know that it's going to make me too upset because I want them too badly.
  2. But then I found this guy
  3. His name is Pilot.
  4. I think he might be my dog soulmate.
  5. My boyfriend and I plan to get a dog in early 2017, once we've moved into a new place and gotten his cat settled in.
  6. But I love Pilot.
  7. I love him.
  9. (No joke I've been crying over this for like the last hour)
  10. UPDATE: Boyfriend wants him too 😬😬😬
  11. UPDATE/PROBLEMS WITH THIS PLAN: BF and I don't live together yet, my current apartment is no dogs, I start a new job on Tuesday, BF can only bring dog to work 2x a week 😢😢😢