1. I'm accepting that I'll never be a size 2.
  2. That my body dysmorphia is real.
  3. I know that it stems from my precocious puberty, which I started treatment for when I was 7: monthly shots for five years, later coupled with daily shots for the last year and a half. My body thought it was 13. I was only 7.
  4. The growth hormone caused me to gain weight in elementary school and middle school.
  5. When I met my boyfriend, he told me I was wrong to list myself as "curvy" on OkCupid.
  6. In my head, I'm still that girl.
  7. But I'm learning to love my body.
  8. I love the curve from my ribcage to my thighs. It makes me feel like a woman.
  9. I'm accepting the sag of my breasts, which misleads a casual viewer who just sees DDs.
  10. I'm accepting the small hills of my belly.
  11. I love my lips.
  12. I'm accepting the deep bags I have under my eyes as genetic predisposition I noticed from my dad's sisters decades ago.
  13. I'm accepting the walk I'm constantly teased for, and the outturn of my hips, which guarantees clumsiness and tripping.
  14. I love the words I've permanently inscribed on my shoulder blade.
  15. I don't always, but I'm learning to love my body.